East Dabob

Clam, mussel, and oyster seasons OPEN for harvest year-round.

Access to this beach is by boat only. East Dabob is accessible by boat only. There is no upland access to this beach.

Harvest profile

This is an excellent beach for Manila clams and native littleneck clams. The best spot is above the oyster beds in sand and gravel substrate. Horse clams and geoducks can be found in the lower tide zone below the oysters in sand and mud. Cockles are found in good numbers near or on the surface on the extensive sand flats.

This is an excellent beach for oysters. Before it was acquired by WDFW, this beach was a commercial oyster beach.

Beach map
Disclaimer: Map areas identify approximate public property boundaries and should not be considered legal property boundaries. Many of these public beaches have no upland entrance and must be accessed by boat. Please respect adjacent private property. This map is provided for informational purposes only. The accuracy of this map is not guaranteed.

This is a boat access only site. There is no upland access to this beach. The closest boat ramps are the Point Whitney ramp (about 4.5 miles away), located north of Brinnon on Bee Mill Road and Quilcene Marina ramp (about 5.7 miles away), located south of Quilcene on Linger Longer Road.

The boundaries for East Dabob are not well marked (see beach map). The beach is about a half mile from boundary to boundary. The north end starts about 350 yards south of a large landslide and the south boundary is just north of the first house to the south. There is also a ravine just north of the houses located near the southern boundary . When in doubt please stay well within these landmarks to avoid trespassing. Approximate GPS coordinates to the middle of the beach are: 47.818° N, 122.794° W. Take care when approaching the beach by boat. Shallow tide flats run a long distance off shore before they drop off into deep water.


There are no facilities at East Dabob.

Fun facts

There is plenty of beach for walking and wildlife viewing.

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