WDFW Beach Season Information

Razor clams check season.

WDFW shellfish seasons indicate the specific times of year when harvesting is permitted. Before heading to the beach, please also check the Department of Health (DOH) information below which is related to health of the shellfish and may be updated daily. To harvest on this beach, it must be both during the WDFW approved season and approved by the DOH.

Harvest profile

This razor clam beach extends from Willapa Bay north to the south jetty at the mouth of Grays Harbor.

Razor Clam Reserve (Restricted Area)
From a line extending westward from the middle of the county line approach south for one quarter mile on Twin Harbors.


There are several public, maintained access points to this beach: Grayland Beach Road, Cranberry Beach Road, Midway Beach Road, and Warrenton Cannery Road.

Access points may be closed due to erosion or flooding. Please contact Pacific County Department of Community Development (360) 875-9356 or Grays Harbor Department of Public Services (360) 249-4222 for more information.


Vehicular access to the beach is permitted, unless otherwise noted. Parking is permitted on the beach where access is available, but no public camping is allowed, unless otherwise noted.


Restrooms are available at the beach approach, but no garbage facilities, so please plan ahead.

Nearest boat launch is Tokeland Marina.

Fun facts

For additional information call WDFW Region 6 headquarters 360-249-4628 or Pacific County Department of Community Development 360-875-9356.