Project cost and support

Fish screening projects vary greatly in cost. Cost factors include size of diversion, distance from the river, mechanical verses electronic cleaning system, accessibility, and other site conditions.

Grant funding may be available for your project through WDFW or other funding sources. We can help you identify funding options.

What project support can WDFW provide?

You can minimize costs by working with us throughout your project. Our screening experts can help you through:

Pre-project planning: We will evaluate your existing screen, pump, or water diversion structure to determine if replacement or repair is needed. For unscreened diversions, we will evaluate project site conditions.

Screen selection: We will recommend a screen based on your irrigation needs and water source. For modular screens, we select from WDFW screen designs refined for different site conditions. For pump screens, we will recommend specific screen manufacturers that meet state regulations.

Environmental Review: WDFW will guide you through permit and approval processes, such as Hydraulic Project Approval.

Screen construction: Our Yakima construction shop is skilled in gravity screen fabrication and can build one specifically for your site.

Installation and training: Our experts can install your screen and show you proper operation and maintenance techniques. We can also guide you through startup and shut down of your system during the irrigation season.

Maintenance: After your fish screen is installed, you may choose to contract with WDFW for maintenance services to ensure it continues effective and efficient operation.