Wolf identification

Gray wolves are about twice the size of coyotes. They measure up to 6 feet in length, including tail, and about 30 inches in height at the shoulder. Female wolves weigh around 70 – 80 pounds, while males weigh around 95 – 100 pounds.

Wolves have larger and blockier muzzles than coyotes, shorter and more rounded ears, and shorter and bushier tails. Wolves vary in color, including black, white, and shades of gray and brown.

Wolf tracks are about 5 inches long by 4 inches wide, with four symmetrical toes and evident claws, and a single lobe on the front of the foot pad. Coyote tracks are similar, but about half that size, and even the largest domestic dog breeds usually have smaller tracks. The paths of wolves usually show a direct, energy efficient or purposeful route, whereas those of dogs often meander.

Distinguishing features between wolves and coyotes are highlighted
Graphic showing paw prints of wolves, coyotes, red foxes, and dogs