Confirmed wolf depredation in Wedge pack territory

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On May 11, WDFW staff responded to a report of an injured calf in a private pasture in Stevens County to conduct an investigation. The incident occurred within the Wedge pack territory.

The investigation revealed puncture wounds and lacerations consistent with injury by wolves. The combination of bite wounds and lacerations with associated swelling, wolf tracks scattered throughout the pasture, witness accounts, and howling heard in the area is consistent with a confirmed wolf depredation.

The injured calf was monitored but died from its injuries the following day. The affected livestock producer lives near the pasture where the incident occurred. Wolves were hazed away from the calf when it was being attacked. A Cattle Producers of Washington range rider was assigned to the area.

A summary of all documented depredation activity within the past 10 months is included in every monthly wolf update.

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