Contracted Range Rider RFQ for 2021 now available

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WDFW is excited to announce that the new Contracted Range Rider Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for the 2021 season is now available. 

Every year, WDFW contracts with small businesses and individuals to spend the summer “out on the range” on horseback and ATVs watching over livestock grazing in wolf country, in an effort to minimize interactions between livestock and carnivores.  

Over the last three months, wildlife conflict staff have spent 30+ hours working to enhance the RFQ. These changes address business needs and include recommendations from current and past range riders and the Wolf Advisory Group (WAG). Changes include an increase in reimbursement rates, additional improvements to the qualification criteria, a new Range Rider Questionnaire, updates to the description of duties section to reflect those outlined in WDFW’s Wolf-Livestock Interaction Protocol, and other minor adjustments throughout the RFQ.  

If you or someone you know owns horses and/or ATVs and enjoys the outdoors and sleeping under the stars, this may be the opportunity of a lifetime. If interested in becoming a contracted range rider for WDFW, please see the RFQ posting. Please note, you will need to register with Washington’s Electronic Business Solution (WEBS) as a vendor in order to download it. 

Link to RFQ:  

See below for a detailed list of major changes to the RFQ: 

New reimbursement of costs:  

  • Utilization of horses - $250/day (minimum of 8 hours) 

  • Using other modes of transportation - $210/day (minimum of 8 hours) 

  • Only ONE mode of transportation can be billed per day (most used) 

  • Shifts can be split within a one-day period 

  • Reimbursement eligibility begins upon arrival at the assigned work area and work has begun 

  • Additional $20.00 hourly rate for: 

  • Attending a meeting/training when requested by WDFW 

  • Providing specialized work under the 8-hour minimum per day with prior authorization from WDFW 

  • Other duties as assigned by WDFW 

  • Invoices must be submitted not more than twice per month and within 30 days of the billing period 

New range rider qualifications: 

  • Applicants cannot have a conviction of any violent criminal offense and be able to pass a background check for the following:  

  • Be legally eligible to possess a firearm and without a felony or domestic violence conviction including, but not limited to, convictions under chapter 9.41 RCW, unless firearm possession rights have been restored; 

  • Not have within the last three years: 

  • More than one finding of paid or committed as a final disposition for an infraction under chapter 77.15 RCW; or 

  • A conviction for a fish and wildlife crime under chapter 77.15 RCW. 

New required documents:  

  • A completed and signed Range Rider Questionnaire from each individual proposed as a range rider 

Miscellaneous changes: