Livestock depredations in Columbia County 

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In the August monthly wolf report, WDFW shared information about new wolf pack activity in Columbia County in southeast Washington. In mid-August, WDFW staff documented wolf activity in an area north of the Touchet pack territory and west of the Tucannon pack territory. Since then, two depredations in this area of new activity were documented on Aug. 25 and Sept. 13 and detailed in the August monthly wolf report and September monthly wolf report, respectively. 

WDFW staff investigated and confirmed additional depredations by wolves in Columbia County on Oct. 16 (a confirmed injury of a calf) and Nov. 1 (a confirmed injury of one calf and probable injury of two calves). The details of these events will be provided in a forthcoming update. 

In total, WDFW has documented four depredation events affecting two different livestock producers, resulting in one dead and four injured livestock since August 25, 2021, all attributed to wolves in the area of new wolf activity. WDFW staff are discussing the depredations and use of non-lethal measures in this pack territory. Staff will discuss how to most effectively address this situation moving forward to provide a recommendation to the Director. 
2021 Columbia County area of new wolf activity depredations 


Confirmed injury of calf  

Producer 1 


Confirmed mortality of calf  

Producer 2 


Confirmed injury of calf 

Producer 1 


Confirmed injury of one calf, probable injury of two calves 

Producer 1 

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A summary of all documented depredation activity within the past 10 months is included in every monthly wolf update