Livestock depredations in Togo pack territory during August

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On August 5, a range rider discovered an injured calf on a U.S. Forest Service grazing allotment in the Togo pack territory. WDFW staff investigated the calf on August 6 and discovered severe injuries consistent with wolf depredation. Staff noted that nearly every one of the areas typically affected in wolf depredation events (e.g., hamstrings, flanks, armpits, hindquarters, front quarters, neck) were covered in lacerations, puncture wounds, and bite marks. The inner thighs and flanks sustained severe injuries and were extremely swollen. WDFW staff estimated that the injuries were two to three days old.

WDFW staff who conducted the investigation determined that the injuries sustained were the result of a confirmed wolf depredation. The decision was based on the nature and location of the injuries (which were consistent with those made during a wolf depredation event), recent known wolf locations, and trail camera activity in the area. The livestock producer took the calf to the veterinarian to see if it could be treated, but the veterinarian advised that the calf would not survive, and it was put down. Therefore, this incident is considered a mortality rather than an injury.

The affected livestock producer had several proactive, nonlethal deterrents in place, including calving outside of areas occupied by wolves, removing sick or injured livestock from the range, carcass sanitation, use of range riders, and regular human presence and monitoring of cattle by the livestock producer and business partner. The livestock producer has implemented and tested new pilot projects to proactively mitigate wolf-livestock conflict, including using cowbells and reflective collars on cattle.

WDFW staff investigated and confirmed additional depredations by wolves in the Togo pack territory on Aug. 17 (a probable injury of a calf and a confirmed injury of a calf in two separate incidents affecting two different livestock producers). The details of these events will be provided in a forthcoming update.

WDFW has documented four depredation events affecting three different livestock producers resulting in one dead and three injured livestock since June 24, 2020 attributed to the Togo pack. WDFW staff are discussing the depredations and use of non-lethal measures in this pack territory. Staff will discuss how to most effectively address this situation moving forward to provide a recommendation to the Director.

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Confirmed injury of calf 

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Confirmed mortality of calf (died from injuries) 

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Probable injury of calf

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Confirmed injury of calf

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