Two livestock depredations in Togo pack territory

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On the evening of May 16, a livestock producer discovered a dead calf in a private pasture about a half mile from the ranch headquarters in the Togo pack territory. WDFW staff investigated the calf on May 17 and discovered several bite barks, lacerations, tears, and punctures on the hide covering the hamstrings and hindquarters consistent with wolf depredation, and subcutaneous hemorrhaging on the left hindquarter from the hamstring to the tailhead. WDFW staff estimated that the calf was killed one to two days prior to the investigation. WDFW staff who conducted the investigation determined the calf died as the result of a confirmed wolf depredation. The decision was based on the nature and location of the injuries (consistent with wolf depredation) and wolf sign and activity in the area. Following the investigation, WDFW staff removed the carcass remains.

On May 18, the same livestock producer discovered an injured calf in a different private pasture when checking cattle. WDFW staff investigated the calf the same day and found several bite marks, lacerations, punctures, and rake marks consistent with wolf depredation. The right hindquarter was extremely swollen, indicating tissue and muscle damage. WDFW staff estimated that the injuries were three to four days old. WDFW staff who conducted the investigation determined that the injuries sustained were the result of a confirmed wolf depredation. Following the depredation investigation, the injured calf was moved to the pasture surrounding the ranch headquarters to be watched and monitored more closely.

The producer and ranch staff currently check the cattle several times a day and will continue to regularly monitor the cattle until they are moved to summer pasture and allotments. Fox lights had been proactively deployed in the pasture where the injured calf was discovered. The producer and WDFW staff are coordinating with Northeast Washington Wolf Cattle Collaborative (NEWWCC) and Cattle Producers of Washington (CPoW) range riders to ensure adequate range rider presence.

In the last ten months, WDFW has documented five depredation events resulting in two dead and three injured livestock since August 6, 2021 attributed to the Togo pack. WDFW staff are discussing the depredations and use of non-lethal measures in this pack territory. Staff will discuss how to most effectively address this situation moving forward to provide a recommendation to the Director.

Togo pack depredations within the past ten months


Confirmed mortality of calf (died from injuries) 


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Confirmed injury of calf


Confirmed mortality of calf


Confirmed injury of calf

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