Reports of beavers removed or relocated by permit

Two beavers in live trap being relocated
Photo by Kyla West
Two beavers in live trap being relocated

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) tracks beaver take from human-beaver conflicts, beaver harvest, and beaver relocations as directed under state law.

Data are updated quarterly and posted as additional reports are received. Licensed trappers, Wildlife Control Operators (WCO), and permitted beaver relocators submit their reports annually. WDFW makes this information available after the reporting deadlines and data processing each year.

A license year runs from April to March of the following year.

License year Beaver relocations Beaver take - Conflict removal Beaver take - Harvest Total beaver take
2016 83 1,743 682 2425
2017 84 1,521 810 2,331
2018 28 1,251 730 1981



755 2,043
2020 24 1,259 946 2,205
2021 16 965 715 1,696
2022 14 851 854 1,705

*Updated February 2024. Previous conflict removal information has been updated to reflect completed datasets.

Beaver relocations are reported by permitted beaver relocators and WDFW staff. No beaver relocations are allowed unless by special permit from the department. Beaver removals from conflict situations are reported by WCOs, special trapping permit holders, and WDFW staff. Beaver harvest is reported by licensed trappers. The total take of beavers includes harvest and conflict removals.