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Wildlife in Washington face a wide range of threats, from disease and invasive species to declining habitat and climate change. The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife is dedicated to conserving and protecting the state's wildlife -- including endangered and other at-risk species -- from these threats. Learn about the work we're doing to protect Washington habitats and what to do if you encounter an orphaned or problematic animal.

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Species news & important dates

Closeup of a northern spotted owl female with wings outstretched on the ground and with a rodent in its talons
Submit comments on status review for northern spotted owl

WDFW is seeking public input on a draft periodic status review for northern spotted owl that includes a recommendation to keep the owl on the state’s endangered species list. The public comment period is open through Oct. 29.

Viewing a sign at the Trafton Restoration Project site on the Stillaguamish River near Arlington.
Paddling Together; WDFW and Stillaguamish Tribe collaborate to restore habitat and raise Chinook

Restoring habitat to recover salmon in “the Stilly” is a top priority for WDFW, the Stillaguamish Tribe, Snohomish County, and partners.

Conservation starts here

Two Columbian sharp-tailed grouse in a rocky landscape with sparse vegetation
International cooperation supports sharp-tailed grouse recovery

WDFW works with biologists in B.C., Canada and other partners to bring Columbian sharp-tailed grouse to Washington to boost endangered stateside populations.

A mule deer buck jumping a metal guard rail onto a paved road.
Why did the deer cross the road?

Human travel corridors sometimes impede the movement of wildlife across habitat, but a group of wildlife scientists and transportation experts have identified one area where we can help.

A wolf walks through a field
Partnering up for conservation

WDFW teams up with Defenders of Wildlife to build a better radio activated guard (RAG) box.

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