Coastal commercial crab fishery rules, regulations, and licensing

Rules and regulations

NEW! Electronic monitoring information rules require coastal Dungeness crab fishery participants to have an operational electronic monitoring system.

WAC 220-340-420Commercial crab fishery—Unlawful acts.

  • Crab size and sex restriction
  • Incidental catch may not be retained
  • Net fishing boats must not have crab on board
  • Area must be open to commercial crabbing
  • Unlawful to buy or land crab without hold inspection
  • Coastal – barging of crab pots

WAC 220-340-430Commercial crab fishery—Buoy tag, pot tag, and buoy requirements.

  • Buoy tag and pot tag required
  • Commercial crab fishery pot tag requirements
  • Commercial crab fishery buoy requirements

WAC 220-340-435Commercial crab fishery—Shellfish pot requirements.

  • Commercial gear limited to pots and ring nets
  • Commercial gear escape rings and ports defined
  • Maximum size for commercial crab pots
  • Groundline gear is unlawful
  • Penalty

WAC 220-340-460Commercial crab fishery—Coastal Dungeness crab logbook requirements.

WAC 220-340-480Commercial crab fishery—Gear limits—Coastal.

  • Coastal crab pot limit
  • Grays Harbor pot limit of 200
  • Determination of coastal crab pot limits
  • Appeals of coastal crab pot limits

Licensing information