Commercial fishing guide logbooks

Beginning Jan. 1, 2020, commercial fishing guides will be required to report fishing activities to WDFW on a monthly basis.

Guides will need to provide the department with information such as the date and location of each guided fishing trip, the number of anglers onboard, and the number and type of fish species caught per trip.

In the meantime, WDFW is seeking candidates to serve on a new committee that advises the department on the commercial fishing guide industry. 

Up to 12 individuals from the guiding industry will be chosen for two-year terms that begin in September. The committee may be extended beyond two years as needed. Candidates have until Aug. 27 to apply.

Advisors on this ad-hoc committee will initially provide input on the implementation of the new monthly reporting requirement for commercial guides, said Kelly Cunningham, acting director of WDFW’s fish program.

“Beyond that, we want to work with the guide industry to gain a better understanding of their perspective in an effort to improve opportunity,” Cunningham said.

“We’re looking for advisors who will help us review logbook data and provide the guiding industry’s perspective on fisheries,” Cunningham said. “We’d like to establish a group that includes both part-time and full-time guides and industry representatives from the various fisheries around the state.” 

Initially, the advisory group will meet monthly (beginning in September) to ensure timely implementation of the new logbook requirements next year. After the first six months, meetings will be held on a quarterly basis.    

Letters of interest must include the following information: 

  • Candidate’s name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  • Relevant experience and reasons for wanting to serve as a member of the advisory group.
  • Effectiveness in communication, including methods the candidate would use to relay information to regional constituents. 

Applications are due by 5 p.m., Aug. 27, and can be emailed to Raquel Crosier at Written applications can also be mailed to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Attn: Raquel Crosier, 600 Capitol Way N, Olympia, WA 98501-1091.