Proposed commercial guide logbook

WDFW is seeking comment on proposed rules that would require commercial fishing guides to report their fishing activities.

Under the proposed rules, fishing guides would provide the department with information such as the date and location of each guided fishing trip, the number of anglers onboard, and the number and type of fish species caught per trip.

Currently, WDFW relies on individual anglers to report their catch information but does not have a means of tracking whether the activity was part of a guided fishing trip.

The department will use the information to understand the role the guide industry plays not only in terms of helping recreational anglers to access fisheries, but also in providing economic benefits to local and state economies. State fish managers have heard concerns about issues such as over-crowding and will use the information to understand if and where this is happening.

WDFW staff will present the proposed rules to the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission at its April 5-6 meeting in Olympia. The commission is scheduled to take public comment on the proposal at its June 14-15 meeting in Port Angeles before making a decision during the August 2-3 meeting. 

Details about those commission meetings will be available on the commission’s website.

Please provide comments on the proposed rules by 5 p.m., June 7.