Commercial Puget Sound herring fishery

The Puget Sound Commercial Herring Fishery is OPEN. This is a limited entry fishery.  See the map on this page for open areas/dates.

  • The fishery may close by emergency regulation if harvest exceeds 10 percent of adult spawning biomass.
  • Questions? Contact Adam Lindquist at 360-902-2704 or


A commercial fishery for herring is allowed in Puget Sound waters using Lampara and Dip Bag gear with area, timing, and gear restrictions.

Regulations on commercial fishing for herring in Puget Sound include:

  • Lampara nets shall not exceed 200 feet
  • Lampara nets shall not contain meshes less than ½ inch
  • Logbooks must be fill out for every set and submitted monthly

For information on regulations regarding the commercial Puget Sound herring fishery, see:

2020 Monthly Landings

Month Landings (in pounds)
May 1,500
June 26,275
July 102,800
August 43,845
September 2,080
October 13,500
Total 190,000

Annual landings

Year Landings (in pounds)
2009 583,930
2010 680,961
2011 477,470
2012 562,830
2013 405,190
2014 453,910
2015 675,610
2016 459,040
2017 401,050


2019 409,490
2020 190,000


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