This lake is a bit of challenge to get to. First is it a long drive on old logging road, which may or may not be open, followed by a long walk on an old decommissioned logging road, and finally a 2 mile hike on a fishermen route to the lake. Despite the difficulties in getting to this lake it is surprising, but this lake is popular or so it would appear from the apparent past fishing activity around the shoreline. The lake is fishable from shore, but floatation would provide better access to the water. There is an abundance of Eastern Brook Trout in this lake which tend to average about 9 inches in length. There are also several camps at this lake. Plan on packing out some of the garbage left here by inconsiderate people.

Getting here:

Here are the complicated details of how to get to this lake. First, drive to the town on Wilkeson on highway 165. At the south end of town, turn east onto Quinnon Road (paved), which goes by the school and start counting mileage. At ¾ mile, pass the stone quarry on your left. At 1.6 miles, stay to the right and ignore the road that goes straight ahead to private Sunset Lake. From here on the road is high quality gravel. At 2.7 miles, pass the gravel pit on your left. At 5.6 miles, go left at the fork (the right fork is gated a short distance ahead). For the next 6 miles always stay to your left at every junction. At 7.2 miles from Wilkeson, cross South Prairie Creek on a good bridge. At 11.5 miles, cross the East Fork South Prairie Creek on another good bridge and start to climb up. At 14.5 miles, ignore the road going straight (gated) and turn right on the switchback. At 15 miles, just past a shooting gallery on your left, stay to your right. About ½ mile farther, there is an old road going off to your right. This junction is located at 47.07661, 121.86576. If it is still drivable, turn right and follow it a short distance to where it is decommissioned. Be sure to park so that you do not block the road just in case a crazy 4X4’ler wants to go a little farther. Walk this decommissioned road for about 2 miles to its end. From there a fisherman’s route continues straight ahead for about 1 more mile traversing the steep hillside to a small beaver pond and from there on up a short distance to Coundly Lake.

Species you might catch

Lake information

County: Pierce
Acreage: 13.30 ac.
Elevation: 4126 ft.
TRS: T18R08E SEC18
Center: 47.05026, -121.838885
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