Marine Area 2 - Westport-Ocean Shores

Marine Area 2 encompasses the area from Leadbetter Point at the north end of Long Beach north to the Queets River. Westport is one of the premier Chinook fisheries on Washington Coast, with over half the total Chinook caught here. Coho fishing can also be excellent, especially later in summer.

Marine Area 2 is accessed primarily from the Port of Westport, with a few anglers launching at Ocean Shores.  Boat launch lines can be fairly long here on a weekend morning when the fishing is good. Be aware that the Grays Harbor Bar is very dangerous, especially during peak ebb tides and high swell. Anglers should watch the weather and tides carefully. Only go out when you know the conditions will allow you to cross the bar safely, both going and coming back. Experienced boaters plan their trips to avoid crossing the bar during peak outgoing tides.

Fishing from the Westport Jetty near Westhaven State Park is also a popular option accessible to anglers without boats. Fishing for lingcod, rockfish, seaperch and other species can be quite good, especially in spring and early summer. Learn more in this March 2022 WDFW blog post, and be sure to check current fishing regulations before heading out.

Legal description

Major fishing areas

06-20 miles

Salmon (spring, summer, and fall Chinook and coho) and groundfish, including lingcod and rockfish are typically targeted here. Ocean fishing can be extremely hazardous, especially for those without ocean and bar-crossing experience. Weather and bar conditions can change quickly and without warning. Hiring a local experienced guide is highly recommended for your initial trips.

Accessible by Boat

Species: Chinook salmon, Coho salmon

Clam, mussel, and oyster beaches

For bivalve season information, please see the Puget Sound clam, mussel, and oyster season guide or visit the shellfish beaches page. Current water quality information, beach locations and harvest seasons can be found on the Department of Health's shellfish safety interactive map.