Alki Beach Junkyard octopus preserve

The Junkyard is located at the west end of Alki Beach Park. It offers a great variety of interesting fish and invertebrates for all levels of divers to enjoy.

WAC 220-330-180(2)(c)(vi): Alki Beach Junk Yard is defined as the waters, bed lands, and tidelands within the area described by a line starting from shore at 122°24'57.17"W, 47°34'40.64"N; then northwesterly to 122°25'03.25"W, 47°34'50.03"N; then northeasterly to 122°24'40.68"W, 47°34'56.75"N; then returning to shore at 122°24'34.48"W, 47°34'47.34"N.