Alki Beach Seacrest Coves 1, 2, and 3 octopus preserve

This popular urban park near Alki offers three large coves with many different dives to enjoy. There's little current and a range of depths. From its shallow, rocky breakwater to deep technical diving, with small wrecks and lots of sea life available, everyone can find a favorite dive. Good facilities, access and one of the best views of downtown Seattle make it an ideal place for all levels of divers to experience Elliott Bay.

WAC 220-330-180(2)(c)(iv): Alki Beach Seacrest Coves 1, 2, and 3 are defined as the waters, bed lands, and tidelands within the area described by a line starting from shore at 122°22'37.34"W, 47°35'12.98"N; then northeasterly and offshore to 122°22'33.61"W, 47°35'16.10"N; then northwesterly to 122°23'51.20"W, 47°35'29.51"N; then returning to shore at 122°23'54.31"W, 47°35'28.81"N. This area does not include waters within 150 feet of the Seacrest Public Fishing Pier, as demarcated at the surface with buoys and on the sea floor by a perimeter line.