Les Davis octopus preserve

Les Davis has been improved and developed for divers in a convenient, urban location along Tacoma's Commencement Bay. The site consists of large slabs of hollowed concrete roadway gathered in large piles at various depths. Do not swim eastward past the tire reef by the fishing pier.

WAC 220-330-180(2)(c)(v): Les Davis is defined as the waters, bed lands, and tidelands within the area described by a line starting from shore at 122°29'07.21"W, 47°17'05.15"N; the northeasterly to 122°29'0.97"W, 47°17'10.57"N; then southeasterly to 122°31'05.91"W, 47°17'06.91"N; then returning to shore at 122°30'59.80"W, 47°17'01.48"N.