Redondo Beach octopus preserve

This improved site offers a variety of options for all divers. Access is easy down the stairs to the beach on either side of the wharf that houses Highline College's Aquarium. Swim out and submerge from the ladder on the west end and go down the slope to find small boat wrecks and other man-made reefs, where octopus, sculpins and other fish can be found. The sandy slopes are a good place to spot large skates and dogfish.

WAC 220-330-180(2)(c)(ii): Redondo Beach is defined as the waters, bed lands, and tidelands within the area described by a line starting from shore at 122°19'27.69"W, 47°20'55.64"N; then northwesterly to 122°19'30.77"W, 47°20'56.82"N; then to 122°19'33.84"W, 47°20'57.31"N; then northeasterly to 122°19'29.78"W, 47°21'02.32"N; then returning to shore at 122°19'25.27"W, 47°21'00.64"N.