Three Tree Point octopus preserve

This site contains an intriguing diversity of various man-made structures, small boat wrecks and urban remains. The artificial reefs run parallel to shore at two depths. Shallow eel grass grows near the shore. Currents are moderate and tend to run southward, it can be dived at times other than slack and is a good destination when south winds are blowing.

WAC 220-330-180(2)(c)(iii): Three Tree Point is defined as the waters, bed lands, and tidelands within the area described by a line starting from shore at 122°22'48.68"W, 47°27'06.46"N; then northwesterly to 122°22'58.06"W, 47°27'15.30"N; then northeasterly to 122°22'36.99"W, 47°27'25.51"N; then returning to shore at 122°22'27.63"W, 47°27'16.67"N.