Recreational Salmon Fishing
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Young girl holding salmonSalmon fishing in Washington is fantastic. No other place in the world offers the diversity of angling experiences that Washington does, whether its chasing big chinook on the open ocean from a charter boat or fishing for sockeye salmon on Lake Washington from a float tube, you can find a fishery that satisfies your desires. This webpage is dedicated to all the salmon anglers that want to fish in Washington. It’s one-stop shopping for all your salmon fishing needs.

This page is intended to

1) be a resource that recreational salmon anglers can use to learn how and where to fish for salmon,

2) provide access to resources that can be used to become a better angler and to increase your success, and

3) provide information on how the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife sets recreational seasons and the constraints that limit salmon fishing opportunity.

Beginning salmon anglers will want to focus on items at the top of the menu bar, while experienced anglers will find many useful tools closer to the bottom of the menu bar.