WDFW Weekender Report

October 2019

Head outdoors for deer, waterfowl, and crab

Some of Washington's most popular hunting seasons get underway in October, when hunters take to the field for deer, elk, ducks, geese, and other game birds. 

Meanwhile, anglers are catching salmon in areas of Puget Sound, while razor clam digs are tentatively scheduled this month on the coast.

Popular outdoor opportunities this month include:

  • Waterfowl: Hunters can expect another good hunting season for ducks and geese around the state.
  • Razor clams: Diggers should have several opportunities to hit the beaches this month.
  • Puget Sound salmon: Salmon fishing continues this fall in several marine areas of Puget Sound.
  • Puget Sound crab: Several marine areas of Puget Sound will reopen for recreational crab fishing Oct. 1.
  • Big game: Hunting prospects in many areas of the state look promising as hunts get underway this fall.
  • Fall migration: Migrating birds, such as sandhill cranes and Canada geese, can be spotted by wildlife watchers at a variety of spots across Washington.