WDFW Weekender Report

Discover recreational opportunities in Eastern, North Central, South Central, North Puget Sound, Southwest, and Coastal Washington.

Spring is on its way – plenty of fishing opportunities this month

Several fisheries are set to open in the weeks ahead, and the year’s first general hunting season isn’t far behind.

With a new season of outdoor adventures about to begin, Washingtonians might want to consider purchasing 2021-2022 recreational hunting and fishing licenses before current licenses expire at midnight March 31.

Hunters don’t forget to enter the drawing for a multi-season tag by March 31. 

As freshwater fishing opens this March and April, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission Boating Program reminds you to take a boater safety education course, if you haven’t already, to be prepared for the season.

Popular outdoor opportunities available this month include:

  • Pacific Flyways waterfowl migration – Spring migration is underway. WDFW recently hosted a live virtual tour of some of the best viewing locations for ducks, swans, and geese around the state.
  • Columbia River spring chinook: The spring Chinook season kicks off beginning March 1 below Bonneville Dam, with other portions of the river expected to open mid-month.
  • Eastern Washington lakes: Fishing opens March 1 at several lakes east of the Cascades, although some are still iced up.
  • Ocean bottomfish: Washington's fishing seasons for coastal bottomfish and lingcod will get underway March 13. 

For more information about fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities available this month, visit the EasternNorth CentralSouth CentralNorth Puget SoundSouthwest, and Coastal region pages. These reports are updated throughout the month to provide current information about recreational opportunities around the state.