WDFW Weekender Report

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Put a turkey on your table this November

There’s more than one way to put a turkey on your table for Thanksgiving. Rather than head to the grocery store, hunters plan to get their birds during the hunting season for wild turkey already underway in eastern Washington.

While turkey hunting is a great way to get out this November, there are many other outdoor activities to consider with the family. November is prime time to head outside for game, fish, or wildlife viewing too.

  • Waterfowl: Hunting and viewing seasons for ducks and geese should get into full swing in parts of the state this month, where migratory waterfowl are expected to make another strong showing this year.
  • Trout: With tens of thousands of trout recently stocked in lakes, anglers should have plenty of places to enjoy great fishing this fall.
  • Deer and elk: Hunters heading afield for deer and elk this month should check out hunting prospects for season insights.
  • Crab: Several marine areas are open seven days a week to sport crabbing through Dec. 31.
  • View deer in rut: With the peak of mule deer breeding season (or rut) in mid-November, this is the time to view antlered bucks vying for dominance over other bucks or seeking does.

For more information about fishing, hunting and wildlife viewing opportunities available this month, visit the EasternNorth CentralSouth CentralNorth Puget SoundSouthwest, and Coastal region pages. These reports are updated throughout the month to provide current information about recreational opportunities around the state.