WDFW Weekender Report

Discover recreational opportunities in Eastern, North Central, South Central, North Puget Sound, Southwest, and Coastal Washington.

Celebrate Bass Week July 6-12 close to home

Summer fishing seasons are now in full swing, requiring anglers to make some decisions about how to spend their time on the water.

This year’s bass week is July 6-12, where we’ll highlight some of the best bass waters in Washington, provide fishing tips, and answer all your bass questions. And, since bass can be found in many waters across our state, this is an opportunity you certainly can enjoy close to home.

But bass aren’t the only thing that’s hot this month; scores of lakes and streams throughout the state are open for trout and other species, while salmon fisheries are underway in Washington’s ocean waters and several marine areas of Puget Sound.

Here’s a rundown of some of this month’s fishing opportunities:

Puget Sound salmon: July 1 marks the start of salmon fishing for many Puget Sound marine areas. For more information, visit WDFW’s salmon season summaries and sport fishing rules pamphlet.

Puget Sound crab: Puget Sound summer crab fishing season gets underway July 2 with openings in several marine areas, and July 12 in marine areas 10 and 11. Visit our recent news release for full details about openings, exclusions, and regulations that apply.

High mountain trout lakes: There are many trailheads leading into the high lakes from areas around the state, and July is an excellent time to explore them. Visit WDFW’s high lakes website for locations and advice.

You can find regulations for fisheries statewide in the 2020-2021 sport fishing rules pamphlet, which takes effect July 1.

For those willing to spend some time looking forward, the Department is inviting participation in its strategic planning effort. Provide your perspective on how we can improve outcomes for Washington Fish, wildlife, and people.