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Puget Sound Dungeness Crab and Spot Prawn Consumption Advisory (DOH)

Crab License and Reporting Requirements

To fish for crab in Puget Sound:

  • All sport crabbers 15 years or older must carry a current Washington fishing license. Options range from an annual shellfish/seaweed license to combination fishing licenses, valid for a single day or up to a year.  
  • All sport crabbers, regardless of age, who fish for crab in Puget Sound must get a crab endorsement on their license and  carry and complete catch record cards to account for all Dungeness crab they catch. They also must return their catch record cards or report on the internet even if they did not go crabbing or catch any crab. The deadline for returning summer and winter catch cards is printed on each catch card.  If crabbers fail to return their catch card they will be required to pay a $10 fine before they can purchase another crab endorsement .  
  • Catch record cards must be returned to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife at the end of both the summer and fall/winter seasons. Crabbers have several options for reporting their catch information. They can report online, drop the cards off at a WDFW regional office, or mail them to:

    Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
    WDFW CRC Unit,
    PO Box 43142,
    Olympia, WA 98504-3142


Attention Crabbers
$10.00 penalty for failing
to return catch cards or
report online by the deadline printed on the card.

(This penalty is associated to each
summer and winter cards.)

Crabbers can report online or by mailing in the Catch Record Cards.

Due dates and return instructions are printed on each catch card.