Hunting season-setting and rulemaking

Fall black bear season setting and regulations

Comments will be accepted from April 25 through May 22, 2019

Proposed rules

The proposed seasons and rules are contained in this CR-102 rule filing.

Public comments

Submit comments online using Survey Monkey

Written comments may be emailed to:

Or mailed to: 
Wildlife Program, PO Box 43141, 
Olympia WA 98504
FAX: 360-902-2162

Public meetings

The department will present the proposed changes at the June 14-15, 2019  Fish and Wildlife Commission meeting. The meeting will serve as another opportunity for the public to provide comments.

Changes may be made based on additional received comments, and final proposals will be presented to the Fish and Wildlife Commission for action and rule adoption at the June 28, 2019 commission meeting conference call.