Game harvest reports

Game Harvest Reports provide annual hunting and trapping statistics based on hunter reporting. Species recorded include elk, deer, turkey, cougar, black bear, small game, and furbearers.

Additional information

Trapper report of catch

All trappers of fur-bearing animals are required to complete a trapper report . Harvest is calculated directly from the reports and not expanded to include trappers that did not return a completed report.

CITES pelt-sealing reports

Bobcat and river otter pelts must be sealed by April 20 after the close of the appropriate hunting or trapping season in which it was killed. This is done to gather harvest information and to comply with the requirements of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). The harvest figures are drawn directly from the pelt sealing records.

Cougar pelt-sealing records

Hunters who take a cougar during hunts where dogs are prohibited must notify the department within 72 hours of kill (excluding legal state holidays) and provide the hunter's name, date and location of kill, and sex of animal. The raw pelt of a cougar must be sealed by an authorized department employee within five days of the kill.

Cougar permit hunters for hunts where dogs may be used must report their hunting activity (whether they harvest a cougar or not) using the toll-free quota hotline (1-866-364-4868). Hunters who harvest a cougar must notify the department within 24 hours of kill (excluding legal state holidays) and provide the hunter’s name, Wild ID, date, Game Management Unit of kill, and sex of animal.