Falconry Seasons

Closeup photo of a gray and white falcon perched on a stand with leash attached to talons

A falconry permit and a current small game hunting license are required for hunting with a raptor. In addition, a western Washington pheasant license is required to hunt pheasant in western Washington, and federal and state migratory bird stamps or authorizations are required to hunt migratory birds.

If a raptor captures any species of wildlife (quarry) in a closed season, the falconer must release the quarry if it is not seriously injured. If the quarry is seriously injured or killed, the quarry must be left at the site, but the raptor may feed on the kill.

Take of species protected under federal or state endangered or threatened species laws is not permitted. If the accidentally killed wildlife is a federally or state listed sensitive, threatened, endangered, or candidate species, or out-of-season game animal the falconer must immediately record the incident on a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) form or facsimile issued to each falconer.

Total accidental take cannot exceed five individuals in a season. Falconers must cease hunting for the day if a listed species is taken.

All reports of accidental take must be submitted to the WDFW falconry manager no later than April 1 each year. Released quarry are not considered take.

Species Area 2017-2018 Season Dates (inclusive) Daily Bag Limit Possession Limit
Upland Game Birds & Forest Grouse Statewide Aug. 1 - Mar. 15 (falconry) 2 pheasants (either sex), 6 partridge. 5 California (valley) quail or bobwhite, 2 mountain quail (W. WA only), & 3 forest grouse Twice the daily bag
Mourning Dove Statewide Sept. 1 - Dec. 16 (falconry) 3 mourning doves, straight or mixed bag with snipe, coots, ducks, and geese during established seasons Three times the daily bag
Cottontail and Snowshoe hare Statewide Aug. 1 - Mar. 15 (falconry) 5 cottontail or snowshoe hares, straight or mixed bag 15 mixed bag
Ducks, Coots, Snipe, and Geese (except Brant) Statewide Same season dates for each species in each area listed previously 3, straight or mixed bag including ducks, coots, snipe, geese and mourning doves during established seasons Three times the daily bag
Turkey Eastern Washington Sept. 1 - Feb. 15 (falconry) 1 turkey, either sex, per turkey tag with a maximum of 2 turkeys per season 2 (turkey tag required)
Jackrabbit, pygmy rabbit, sage grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, ptarmigan Statewide CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED