Pacific County
Site Name Common Name Body of Water
Bennos Easement Bennos Easement Naselle River
Highway 4 Highway 4 Naselle River
Island Lake Island Lake Island Lake
Knappton Knappton Columbia River
Loomis Lake Loomis Lake Loomis Lake
Palix River Palix River Palix River
Resort Hotel Naselle River Naselle River
Smith Creek Smith Creek Smith River
South Willapa Willapa River South Fork Willapa River
Wilson Creek Ward Creek Willapa River
Marked statewide location map of Pacific County

County location in Washington state


Mapping for Water Access Sites and Lake Type

Trout emphasis Trout emphasis Mixed species - Trout emphasis Mixed species - Trout emphasis Mixed species - Warmwater emphasis Mixed species - Warmwater emphasis
Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only  Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Fly Fishing Only Warmwater emphasis Warmwater emphasis
Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Selective Gear Mixed species - Trout emphasis, Selective Gear WDFW Water Access Site WDFW Water Access Site