Wildlife Area Management Plans

WDFW is developing new plans for 33 wildlife areas

The Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) manages nearly 1 million acres of land, divided into 33 wildlife management areas.  These lands help protect the state's critical fish and wildlife habitat, provide recreation opportunities for the public, and include nearly all species and habitats found in Washington.  

Each area is guided by a management plan that addresses the status of wildlife species and their habitat, habitat restoration, public recreation, weed management, and other activities to meet the department's mission of preserving, protecting and perpetuating fish, wildlife and ecosystems. Plans are revised periodically to reflect current conditions and the progress of past activities, and to identify new management priorities and actions.

WDFW involves citizens on advisory committees that help develop each management plan and provide feedback throughout the planning process. The planning process is guided by WDFW's Wildlife Area Management Planning Framework, which identifies the agency's directives, guidance and requirements for managing wildlife area lands.

For more information about the multi-year wildlife area planning effort, contact Lauri Vigue at 360-902-2549 or lauri.vigue@dfw.wa.gov

WDFW Wildlife Areas
Click on the Wildlife Area name to view management plan information Whatcom Skagit North Olympic Snoqualmie Olympic Johns River Chehalis South Puget Sound Scatter Creek Cowlitz Mount Saint Helens Shillapoo Sinlahekin Methow Wells Scotch Creek Sherman Creek Le Clerc Chelan Swanson Lakes Revere Sagebrush Flat Colockum L.T. Murray Wenas Oak Creek Klickitat Columbia Basin Sunnyside-Snake River W.T. Wooten Asotin Creek Chief Joseph

  Photo of wildflowers growing on the Klickitat Wildlife Area.