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Skagit Wildlife Area
Skagit Wildlife AreaThe Skagit Wildlife Area contains a little over 16,700 acres of wildlife habitat composed primarily of intertidal estuary, managed agricultural lands and native habitats. The area is divided into 16 separate management units, the majority of which are scattered throughout the west half of Skagit County, with some in Island, Snohomish and San Juan counties. Many of the units are adjacent to Skagit and Padilla and Port Susan Bays or near the glacial-fed Skagit River in the eastern portion of the county. Much of the intertidal ownership of the wildlife area is within the bounds of Skagit Bay’s east shoreline restricted mainly to second-class tidelands, intertidal marsh, and much of the upland area on the islands in the delta of the South Fork of the Skagit River. Also included are some intertidal land along the shoreline of Camano Island in Skagit and Port Susan Bays. Tidal action and the mixing of fresh and saltwater create a rich estuarine environment. The characteristic habitats of the Skagit Wildlife Area include open water, island shoreline, tidal mudflats and marshes, forested uplands, and agricultural (diked) land. Most of the intensively managed units have natural habitats and agricultural fields, which are managed to provide a variety of forage and cover for wintering waterfowl.

The units comprising the Skagit Wildlife Area contain a range of habitats and provide necessary resources for aquatic and terrestrial species such as ducks, geese, swans, raptors and shorebirds that depend on wetland and riparian habitats for much of their life history. There are also federally threatened bald eagles and salmon populations that rely on these valuable sites.

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