Hydraulic Project Approval (HPA) simplified application

The Department has determined that certain project types have minimal impact to fish. For these projects, you may use the simplified application form for a hydraulic project approval (HPA). After submitting your complete simplified application, the department has 45 days to issue or deny an HPA.

Eligible projects

Projects eligible to use the simplified application include:

  • Road maintenance work
  • Mineral prospecting (outside the Gold and Fish pamphlet)
  • Beaver dam modification
  • Repositioning or removal of large wood
  • Dock maintenance/repair
  • Scientific instrument installation
  • Trenchless conduit (utility) crossing
  • Fish screen maintenance or replacement.

If your project type is not listed above, or your project requires permits from other agencies, you must apply for an individual HPA through APPS.

How to submit a simplified application

The fastest way to get an HPA is to submit your simplified application through the Aquatic Protection Permitting System (APPS) online. 

  • Start a new application for a standard hydraulic project
  • Choose your eligible project type
  • Choose to apply with a simplified application
  • Attach other forms and documentation if needed

Alternatively, you may submit a hard copy of the simplified application via email, mail, or fax, but it will take longer to process. Use the following links to download the HPA Simplified Application (PDF) or the JARPA streamlined form. Reference the Sample Simplified Application example (PDF) for suction dredging.