Your Impact on Salmon/Fish: A Self-Assessment


Published: 1998

Pages: 20

How do your personal actions, at home, at work or anywhere in your community, affect salmon and your quality of life?


Protecting Salmon/Fish by your choices
Every household and property owner is responsible for our land and water. Consider how you manage your home and property to make it a healthy living space for you and your family; a valuable asset; and a place which protects your fish and wildlife legacy.

Your Goal:
Your goal is to protect your land and quality of life while helping salmon. This assessment guides your choices to achieve this goal.

Why should you be concerned?
Salmon and other fish are in decline in the Northwest. We must act now to save salmon and protect our lifestyle. Salmon are one link in a complex food chain and depend on a healthy environment to maintain their populations. If salmon disappear, so will other species, and our quality of life will change. The decline of salmon is a warning to us to act now to maintain and restore the natural environment which sustains us.

What can you do?
This assessment has been designed to make you aware of your practices that increase the risk of hurting salmon and degrading our quality of life.

Take action now by completing the "Action Plan" worksheet located at the end of this booklet.