The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife produces hundreds of documents annually, outlining fish, wildlife, and lands management, scientific research, guidance for homeowners, local governments, and contractors, harvest summaries, and other materials.

Fishing Guide Logbook Progress Report 2023

Raquel Crosier, Chris Donley, Steven VanderPloeg, and Braeden Van Deynze (2024)

Washington Shrubsteppe Restoration and Resiliency Initiative: Long-Term Strategy 2024 – 2054

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Washington State Department of Natural Resources, Washington State Conservation Commission (2024)

Visual and genetic stock identification of a test fishery to forecast Columbia River spring Chinook salmon stocks 2 weeks into the future

Jon E. Hess, Bethany M. Deacy, Michelle W. Rub, Donald M. Van Doornik, John M. Whiteaker, Jeffrey K. Fryer, Shawn R. Narum (2024)