Summary Report of the 2009 Commercial Fishery for Razor Clams (Siliqua patula)


Published: October 2009

Pages: 8

Author(s): Bruce E. Kauffman

Fishery Objectives and Preseason Planning

A public meeting was held in March for commercial diggers and razor clams buyers at Raymond High School. The major discussion topic was when to schedule the 2009 fishery and the duration of the season. The majority of diggers and dealers supported a mid-May start. A contingent preferred an early start as possible, while another group would rather begin later in May or June to benefit from better summer weather.

To conduct the commercial fishery at the Willapa spits, which are state-owned aquatic lands, WDFW is required to obtain an Aquatic Lands Right of Entry Agreement (REA) from the Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The current REA began on June 1, 2006 and was set to expire on May 31, 2009. Without a new REA or an extension of the current agreement, the season would end on May 31, 2009. Earlier discussions with DNR indicated that they would extend the current REA to cover this year’s season but no formal agreement had been reached at the time of the public meeting. In late April DNR decided to extend the current REA for one month, ending the season on June 30, 2009.