Summary Report of the 2006 Commercial Fishery for Razor Clams (Siliqua patula)

Preseason Planning

A public meeting was held in March for commercial diggers and razor clams buyers at Raymond High School. Because this meeting was preceded by a lengthy period in which domoic acid levels were consistently low, the major discussion topic was when to schedule the 2006 fishery. The majority of meeting attendees indicated a preference for a mid-May opening date. A few wanted an earlier opening and questioned the practice of waiting to open the commercial season only after the recreational season was concluded. WDFW staff explained that separating the two fisheries makes it more difficult for sport diggers to dig, possess or sell commercial quantities of clams, and simplifies recovering clams in the event the Department of Health determines a product recall is required. Others meeting attendees pointed out that a late spring start generally meant better weather.