Supplemental Report: Fish Counts at Columbia and Snake River Dams 1938-2001

This annual report produced since 1952 by the Joint Columbia River Management Staff and predecessors, contains data concerning the status of the runs of primarily anadromous fish in the Columbia River. General descriptions of major fisheries and fish runs are presented, followed by detailed information for each run. The detailed information includes the status of each run, description of the fisheries that harvest them, landing statistics from 1938-2000, and catch and escapement highlights for 2000. The focus of this report is on fish runs and fisheries occurring since 1938. The completion of Bonneville Dam and beginning of fish counting in early May 1938 allows for accurate estimates of escapement from the lower Columbia fisheries. Also, since 1938, commercial fishery catch statistics are available by species, by day, by zone, by gear type, and by state in pounds and numbers of fish. Since 1938, total run accounting has been accomplished. Sport catch statistics are available since the 1960s. Tribal ceremonial and subsistence (C&S) catch statistics are available since the 1970s. Statistics relating to the various fish runs and actual 2000 season dates are included in appendix tables at the end of this report.