Wenas Wildlife Area Management Plan (DRAFT)


Published: 2006

Pages: 115

Author(s): Prepared by Wildlife Area Manager, Cindi Confer; Fish and Wildlife Biologist 2, Wayne Hunt & Leray Stream


The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) is entrusted with the management of fish and wildlife, and on WDFW State-owned lands with the preservation of the natural resources associated with those properties. As a steward of the land, the WDFW is dedicated to protecting, restoring, and perpetuating healthy ecosystems throughout the State while fostering an attitude of partnership with the community. WDFW is responsible for the protection and management of all marine, anadromous and freshwater fish; shellfish; and terrestrial wildlife-thousands of animal species Statewide. WDFW regulates all legal harvest of commercial fish, sport fish and wildlife, enforces wildlife protection laws, as well as managing about 840,000 acres of land.

WDFW developed Washington's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy as a guiding document to protect species from extinction. Included in that document are biodiversity protection measures along with species-specific protection measures. Many of the wildlife highlighted in this document occur on the Wenas Wildlife Area (part of the L.T. Murray/Wenas Wildlife Areas Complex). The species accounts (Section 2.11) in the plan document basic information available so these species will not be left behind during management considerations. However, single species management may be highlighted as an emphasis in a particular area, while preserving basic habitat needs for overall species diversity as well. In other cases, wildlife biodiversity will be the emphasis for particular habitat types.

The Wenas Wildlife Area fit within the East Cascades and Columbia Plateau Eco-regions. Ecosystem assessments were used in providing guidance to the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy development. The wildlife area plan utilizes both these documents in guiding management for the project.

This plan provides the specific management direction for the Wenas Wildlife Area. This plan will be updated annually to maintain its value as a flexible working document. It identifies needs and guides activities on the area based on the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Agency Mission of "Sound Stewardship of Fish and Wildlife" and its underlying statewide goals and objectives as they apply to local conditions.