2006 Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program
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2006 Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program

Category: Habitat - Nearshore

Date Published:  2006

Number of Pages: 12


The nearshore ecosystem is a lynchpin of Puget Sound health. Nutrients, sediment, fresh water, and plant matter cycle through the nearshore, sustaining habitat for such broadly valued species as shellfish, shorebirds, juvenile salmon, and orcas. Despite this importance, we have historically under-invested in nearshore restoration, data, and research. The Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP) provides a mechanism for building partnerships and leveraging funding to address priority habitat restoration needs in the Sound.

The ESRP was established in the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) by the Legislature in early 2006 as part of Governor Gregoire’s Puget Sound Initiative. WDFW worked with the Puget Sound Nearshore Partnership (Nearshore Partnership) to create and implement the $2.5 million ESRP. By working collaboratively to develop evaluation criteria and solicit projects from local sponsors, the Nearshore Partnership was able to fund nine high priority, scientifically-sound nearshore salmon restoration and protection projects.