Draft Small Business Economic Impact Statement: Hydraulic Code Rules Chapter 220-660 WAC (2019 HPA Suction Dredge Rule Making)

Category: Hydraulic Project Approval

Published: February 22, 2019

Pages: 22

In order to implement the Commission's directive, WDFW developed rule proposals for WAC sections 220-660-030 (Definitions) to refine and clarify the suction dredging definitions, and 220-660-300 (Mineral Prospecting) to remove suction dredging as an authorized activity under the Gold and Fish Pamphlet. Changes in these two sections correct errors and clarify language without changing the effect of that language and do not create compliance requirements for suction dredgers; because of this, these sections are not discussed further in this analysis. A proposed new WAC section 220-660-305 contains new rules for suction dredging that impose requirements that miners must comply with, and this WAC section is the subject of this SBEIS analysis.