Implementation Plan: Hydraulic Code Rules Chapter 220-660 WAC - 2019 HPA Suction Dredge Rule Making

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) proposed changes to Chapter 220- 660 WAC – Hydraulic Code Rules. We are providing this implementation plan to meet department and Administrative Procedure Act requirements (RCW 34.05.328) related to rule adoption.


On February 20, 2019 (WSR 19-05-094), WDFW proposed changes to Chapter 220-660 WAC – Hydraulic Code Rules. The purpose of this rule implementation plan is to inform the public how WDFW intends to:

  • Implement and enforce the rule.
  • Inform and educate persons affected by the rule.
  • Promote and assist voluntary compliance of the rule.
  • Evaluate the rule.
  • Train and inform department staff and interested stakeholders about the amended rule.

Also included in this plan is information about:

  • Supporting documentation that may need to be written or revised because of the amended rule.
  • Other resources where more information about the rule is available.
  • Contact information for a department employee who can answer questions about the rule implementation.