Sunnyside-Snake River Wildlife Area Management Plan


Published: January 2020

Pages: 177

The purpose of this management plan is to guide all management activities, including conservation and recreation, occurring on the Sunnyside-Snake River Wildlife Area for the next 10 years. Management goals, objectives, and performance measures are defined in the plan and provide a clear road map of projects and management actions to support statewide conservation and recreation goals. Actions in the plan are dependent on available budget. Budget reductions made during the life of this plan may delay implementation of some actions.

The plan is designed to be a resource for internal and external audiences, and is organized into four parts: 1) overview of the wildlife area and associated units and success stories; 2) goals and objectives, and performance measures for the planning area; 3) environment information, wildlife species, and habitat management; and 4) appendices which support different areas of the plan.

Check out the Sunnyside-Snake River Wildlife Area story map to learn more about the opportunities and benefits WDFW land management facilitates for the public, wildlife, and habitats.