Washington Master Hunter Permit Program 2021 Annual Report


Published: March 2021

Pages: 5


Master Hunters are ambassadors of safe, ethical, responsible, and legal hunting in Washington state. Their dedication helps promote and strengthen our hunting heritage.

Master Hunters help achieve Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Wildlife Program goals and initiatives by:

  • Strengthening the conservation ethic, image of hunting, and hunting heritage
  • Improving landowner relations
  • Helping resolve human/wildlife conflicts
  • Removing deer and/or elk causing damage to property
  • Increasing hunter access to private lands through volunteer efforts
  • Participating in hunter education classes, hunting clinics, and mentoring new hunters
  • Protecting and enhancing important habitats
  • Participating in WDFW Citizen Science wildlife data collection
  • Serving in an administrative or coordination capacity for a volunteer network
  • Providing accurate information about WDFW’s management activities to the public