2024 Road Access Entry Program for Hunters with Disabilities


Published: May 2024

Pages: 48

The Road Access Entry Program provides access to hunters with lower extremity mobility disabilities into areas with fewer barriers and vehicle distraction.

This is a cooperative effort between the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO), Department of Natural Resources (DNR), U.S. Forest Service (USFS), private timber companies, and hunters with disabilities.

This is not the same as the special permit drawings offered each year in the “Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations” booklet. This is not a permit drawing for deer or elk tag, doe or cow tag.

If drawn, you will be issued an access special use permit allowing you to drive a motorized vehicle into a closed and gated area where other hunters must walk in.

All areas are:

  • still open to walk-in hunters.
  • open to administrative use by the agency or land manager.
  • subject to tribal treaties, logging, fire and emergency closures… etc.

You do not have to buy your license or tags first to apply for these Road Access Entry Permits; you need to be a WDFW registered hunter with a permanent lower extremity mobility disability and have your Disabled Hunter Wild ID number available. (This number is on your hunting license).

However, if drawn for a Road Access Entry Permit, you must have all appropriate licenses and tags for the game you are pursuing.

Everyone must follow all state regulations pertaining to hunting in Washington State.