Priority Habitats and Species (PHS)

The Priority Habitats and Species (PHS) Program is the agency's primary means of transferring fish and wildlife information from our resource experts to local governments, landowners, and others who use it to protect habitat. PHS information is used primarily by cities and counties when implementing and updating land use plans and development regulations under the Growth Management Act and Shoreline Management Act. PHS is also used by landowners as they consider ways to develop and conserve their property.

The PHS program consists of four major elements that address four central questions:

Land Use Question

PHS Answer

1. Which species and habitats are priorities for management and conservation?

PHS List

2. Where are these habitats and species located?

PHS Maps

3. What should be done to protect these resources when land use decisions are made?

PHS Management Recommendations

4. How effective are current efforts at conserving these resources?

PHS Adaptive Management

Technical advice is provided via our Regional Habitat Biologists (find yours here). PHS Customer Service staff fulfill requests for data from local jurisdictions, developers, university researchers, and others.