Priority Habitats and Species: Maps

Priority Habitat and Species Maps are available from PHS on the Web.

The map is constantly updated to display verified locations of priority habitats and species. This map can be used to show where landowners should take steps to conserve habitat and species. For additional information, contact your local WDFW habitat biologist.

Requesting custom maps and digital information

PHS information is also available from WDFW in custom maps -- hard copy and digital. To request a custom map use this Order Form. Costs start at $40; final cost depends upon what is ordered.

Sensitive data

The specific location of some fish and wildlife information is not available on PHS on the Web. Those locations deemed “sensitive” by WDFW are not displayed on the map beyond a certain resolution (e.g. township or section) due to an increased risk of human interference. Eligible landowners, university researchers, government agencies, tribes, and some others may qualify to receive this data. Contact us at 360-902-2543 for more information about how to receive sensitive data.

Priority plant species

Information on priority plant species is available from the Department of Natural Resources’ Natural Heritage Program.