Fourth confirmed wolf depredation in Wedge pack territory

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On June 17, WDFW staff conducted an investigation of an injured calf in a private pasture in Stevens County. This incident occurred within the Wedge pack territory.

The investigation of the injured calf showed bite wounds and lacerations consistent with a wolf attack. The calf and its mother were removed from the private 800-acre pasture to the livestock producer’s home for further monitoring. The combination of bite wounds and lacerations with associated hemorrhaging and recent wolf locations in the area provide evidence consistent with a confirmed wolf depredation.

This depredation within the Wedge pack territory affected a different livestock producer from those documented on May 11 and May 19.

The affected livestock producer had the following proactive, nonlethal deterrents in place at the time of the depredation: removing or treating sick or injured livestock when discovered, carcass sanitation, calving away from areas occupied by wolves, delaying the turnout of livestock until wild ungulates are born, human presence around livestock, and using range riders.

This livestock producer used Cattle Producers of Washington range riders for six full days and eight partial days from May 21 through mid-June mainly on an 800-acre private pasture. Range riders have been transitioning with the livestock to larger summer grazing allotments. WDFW staff will continue to work with the producer and the Cattle Producers of Washington as well as continue to monitor the area to mitigate future conflict.

This incident is the fourth depredation since May 11, 2020 attributed to the Wedge pack. WDFW staff are discussing how to most effectively address this situation; Director Susewind will also assess this situation and consider what action to take.

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