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On May 17 and May 18, WDFW confirmed two wolf depredations attributed to the Togo pack. In total in the last ten months, WDFW has documented five depredation events resulting in two dead and three injured livestock since August 6, 2021 attributed to the Togo pack.

WDFW staff discussed the depredations and use of non-lethal measures in this pack territory. Because the Togo pack has been involved in five depredations in the past 10 months, lethal removal was considered. The Department reviewed the situation and Director Kelly Susewind decided not to initiate lethal removal at this time.

The affected producer and ranch staff currently check the cattle several times a day and will continue to regularly monitor the cattle until they are moved to summer pasture and allotments. The producer has been in regular communication with WDFW staff, conducted carcass sanitation, removed sick or injured livestock when found, and has reported any suspected depredations.

The Department will continue to:

  • Coordinate with livestock producers, Northeast Washington Wolf Cattle Collaborative (NEWWCC), and Cattle Producers of Washington (CPoW) to encourage daily to near daily range riding presence in pastures and allotments with livestock (especially near wolf activity centers) and documentation of range riding activities.
  • Work with the producer who recently experienced depredations to deploy deterrents such as Fox lights and/or a RAG box in an allotment where cattle will be moved to help inform the producer and range rider(s) if wolves are in the area and to serve as scare devices for wolves.
  • Collaborate with affected producers, non-governmental range rider groups, and Forest Service personnel to provide input on a draft conflict mitigation plan for the Togo pack territory before finalizing expectations in the plan.


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