Fish passage inventory, assessment, and prioritization

This guy is measuring a culvert
Photo by WDFW
Effectiveness monitoring of stream simulation design

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife offers fish passage services to landowners and organizations planning restoration projects. We can help you identify projects to restore access to salmon and steelhead spawning and rearing habitat.


The department can help landowners and organizations find fish passage barriers in streams across Washington. We locate culverts, dams, and fishways that may be barriers to upstream spawning and rearing habitat.


We can also assess potential fish passage barriers to determine their impact on fish migration. Knowing which project could have the greatest benefit for fish passage is valuable to habitat restoration planning efforts. The Fish Passage Inventory, Assessment, and Prioritization Manual provides guidance for barrier assessments.

Statewide fish passage prioritization strategy

To prioritize fish passage barriers for correction, you must know the habitat conditions and barriers upstream and downstream. We can help you find the best method to meet your survey and prioritization needs.

Training opportunities

The department provides free training on protocols detailed in the Fish Passage Inventory, Assessment, and Prioritization Manual. Learn more about fish passage training.

Fish passage data

WDFW maintains a centralized database of fish passage, diversion screening, fish use, and habitat data in Washington State. The Fish Passage Web App can help you effectively plan barrier correction projects.


Barrier inventory, assessment, and prioritization
Kaylee Kautz, Inventory Section Manager

Fish passage training
Samuel Harris, Fish Passage Training Program Coordinator