ESRP Regional Pre-Design Projects

The 2020 ESRP Regional Pre-Design grant competition is now closed. See the ranked list for more information about the 2021-2023 Preliminary Investment Plan.

What are Regional Pre-Design Projects?

The Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program (ESRP) Regional Pre-Design Projects are key investments that inform our ESRP Learning Program. These investments directly inform restoration projects that are part of large and complex ecosystems, and are intended to improve effectiveness or efficiency of a class of projects where there is uncertainty about ecological outcomes. This component of ESRP's investment strategy aims to clearly identify the needs/problems to be addressed that will influence restoration and protection project development and selection in Puget Sound.

Selected projects will provide insight and analysis into the options available to solve complex problems leading to nearshore and salmon recovery in Puget Sound. It is our goal to fund efforts that use scientific methods to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of future ESRP program investments.

ESRP's Regional Pre-Design Projects are required by our authorizing program guidance, developed by the Puget Sound Nearshore and Ecosystem Restoration Project.

Strong Regional Pre-Design Projects improve our ability to select treatment locations and management measures, and help designers evaluate the consequences of alternative actions. We organize our projects by landform to consider the unique dynamics of deltabeach, and embayment ecosystems. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted a pre-proposal and application. For those who may be considering applying for the ESRP Regional Pre-Design Grant Program in the future, see this year's Request for Proposals document and the grant calendar below. 

Regional pre-design projects application schedule

Task Date Description
Request for pre-proposals March 5 Publication of ESRP Learning Project RFP.
Grant competition informational Webinar March 24, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM Watch the recorded webinar
Pre-proposals due April 27 11:59 PM Pre-proposals will be emailed in .pdf or MS Word format to with the subject "Learning Pre-Proposal".
Initial review complete, invitation to submit full proposal May 20 And ad-hoc science team will review, evaluate, and provide feedback to applicants.
Presentations to review team for invited full proposals June 17 - 18 Full proposal applicants will give presentations to the review team.
Full proposals due Aug. 4 11:59 PM Applicants invited to submit full proposals will submit according to materials provided once selected.
2020 ESRP Preliminary Investment Plan submitted Sept. 30 Ranked project list and funding recommendations published and submitted to OFM. Ranked list submitted to Governor in December.
Final Investment Plan Spring 2021 Determined by WA Legislature.
Anticipated contract start July 1, 2021 First day of Fiscal Year 2021
Anticipated grant period July 2021 - June 2023 Biennium