ESRP Restoration and Protection Grant Program

The 2022 ESRP Restoration and Protection grant competition is now closed. For more details, download the 2023-2025 ESRP Fact Sheet.

During the last round, we evaluated over 50 individual project requests and worked with over 50 individual volunteer technical reviewers representing leaders in science, policy, private, and public agencies. This competitive review of proposals resulted in a ranked project list which, along with funding recommendations, is the basis for the Estuary and Salmon Restoration Program's (ESRP's) 2023-25 Investment Plan. This draft Investment Plan will be presented to the State Legislature in consideration for 2023-25 state appropriations.

For more details, download the 2023-2025 ESRP Fact Sheet. And you can download the 2021-23 investment plan or the more comprehensive 2021 ESRP handout for information on the previously funded projects.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a pre-proposal and application. For those who may be considering applying for the ESRP Restoration and Protection Grant Program in the future, see the 2022 Request for Proposals document and the 2022 grant calendar below. 

Restoration and Protection Grant Application Schedule

2023-2025 Grant Round (Now Closed) 

Task Date Description
RFP published Jan. 13, 2022 Request for proposals to ESRP mailing list and posted on the website.
Grant competition informational webinar Jan. 18, 2022 ESRP hosted an informational webinar to answer any questions about Restoration and Protection grants, the evaluation criteria, and the application process. Watch the recording here. And watch our PRISM tutorial here.
Pre-proposals due; register for site visits March 18, 2022.  Extended to March 18th. Pre-proposal submitted through PRISM online. All applicants will be contacted with instructions to schedule site visits. Site visit scheduling questions can be sent to
Pre-application site visit presentations March 7 - April 1, 2022 In-person site visits with members of the ESRP team.
Pre-proposal review complete. Full application invites sent. April 15, 2022 Pre-Proposal review complete; Applicants invited to submit Full Applications to Restoration and Protection Grant Program
Full applications and portfolio applications due June 1, 2022 Full Applications and Portfolio Applications due for Restoration and Protection Grants
Applicant presentation and technical review July 18-22, 2022 Applicant Presentations and Technical Review Week for Restoration & Protection Grants
Preliminary investment plan released Sep. 1, 2022 Funding notification is dependent upon the final 2023-25 state budget. Funds are anticipated to be available on July 1, 2023.